I Heart Cows!

My father just had open heart surgery and valve replacements, which were swapped out for cow valves, and so today, in honor of my father's life, I celebrate cows and hearts and all things that brought him back to earth! Ah, the mighty and underappreciated cow, grazing quietly until someone harvests her organs, and yet she lives on in a man who, after surgery, saw purple lights flashing and a smiling cow looking down on him. They are saintly creatures, and I for one will never eat another cow.

Wallpaper by Steves; stuffed animal by Peculiar Pets; broken heart ring by the astonishing Solange Azagury-Partridge; Hearts by the same genius as before; Flaming Heart by Solange Azagury-Partridge; candy dish available at The New Museum store; cow tote by Strand Redesign; cow bib by Strand Redesign; wallet by Mibolsa; pillow by Go Buggy Go; Battered Heart necklace by Recycled Rings; vase by Art Decadence; sugar shaker by Art Decadence; dish towels by Girls Can Tell; heart card by Farouche; necklace by Laurel Hill; plate by Folded Pigs; silk scarf by Crrysstall; card by Carly Bodnar; another card by Carly Bodnar; Vena Cava ring by Nanopod; necklace by Nanopod.

Take care of your heart - break it, repair it, grow it, thump it, but at all costs LOVE it!!!


  1. A post full of heart girl! thanks for featuring some of mine....and hope your Dad keeps getting better and better...

  2. a lovely collection! thanks for including me!

  3. Thank you for picking my cow tote and bib togheter with these great choices! Your blog header is really beautiful!

    Have a great day!