"Stretch your arm no further than your sleeve.” French proverb

When I was a child, I dreamed my arms and hands were cut off in 4 pieces and served on a platter to Henry VIII - hands and arms are such potent symbols and portents I wondered, does this mean I cannot grab for the things I want? That I cannot use my hands to write? That I cannot touch? Like childhood dreams of being eaten by bears, this has not happened, and so I celebrate the arm and the finger as pieces worthy of the finest adornment...such as these below.

Study of Arms and Hands by DaVinci.
Pisces bracelet from Vivre; Rough diamond rings by Kate Zabone; Rose Princess ring by Sea Babe Jewelry; Bird ring by Beyond the Rocks; Sealing wax rings by One Garnet Girl; Flower bracelet by Janet Deleuse; Petal and python ring by Kara Ross; Nest bracelet, Hummingbird ring by Moss Mills; Mourning ring from Erie Basin; Wrist cuff and Wrist cuff by Water Rose; Branch bracelet by Studio Rona; Pearl and leather bracelet by Nicholas Landon; Resin cuff by Sisicata; Stitches bracelet by Tiana Rutledge; Platonic bracelet, Poison ring, Gold Bombe ring, Days of Week ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge.


  1. Gay, great jewelery and artists. I'm honored:0
    Thank you so much. / sisicata

  2. ...what a lovely post and blog. thank you for the shout out for nicholas landon pearl and leather jewelry. we appreciate it! xo, mickey

  3. Such a lovely blog! Thank you so much for including our little antique bird ring!

    Al and Caroline

  4. Beautiful post and creations! Thank you for including my cuffs along with such other lovely artists!