Lighting for Fairytales

Delight lights.

Weego Home's "Pistil Light".

After all, we all like to live in fairytales, don't we?


Photographer Extraordinare!

Anyone who wants to have their portrait done in an incredibly unique, artistic way, you must go to The Gallo Studio! She will travel if needed... Check out some of her magnificent work:

A little bit of naughtiness!

And why not? Check out these fantastic "erotica" home decor items:

From CoCo de Mer - the Catfight cushion!

Also from CoCo de Mer.

Photo furniture again! I can't stop!

All these from Distant Origin!

The Much Misunderstood Star-nosed mole

To celebrate this odd creature: here is a poem by Anne Sexton:

Mole, angel-dog of the pit;

digging six miles a night,

what's up with you in your sooty suit,

where's your kitchen at?

I find you at the edge of our pond,

drowned, numb drainer of weeds,

insects floating in your belly,

grubs like little fetuses bobbing

and your dear face with its fifth hand,

doesn't it know it's the end of the war?

It's all over, no need to go deep into ponds,

no fires, no cripples left.

Mole dog,

I wish your mother would wake you up

and you wouldn't lie there like the Pieta

wearing your cross on your nose.


Moon Things extraordinaire!

Just saw an incredible little film from 1902 called "A Trip to the Moon" by George Melies. If you can find it, see it! The You Tube version is very poor quality, but here it is...
Too bad life on the moon turned out to be nothing like this!
Another remarkable moon item is this book "Life on the Moon in 1768" - very hard to find but this man in England sells it...wish I could find images to show you - the pumpkin carriage is the best! Look it up.


Swimming Monkeys!

Click on image to play...

Reminds me of a friend who lives in South Africa...she has a pool and one day heard splashing in it. It was a baboon and when she tried to shoo him away, he threw a banana at her!

Wild Chairs

One of my personal faves, Rockett St. George makes the most fanciful fantastic furniture!

I just can't say enough about these girls - so talented and tasteful. Check out everything they make at Ella & Sofia. Truly wild stuff.

Then again, there is the incomparable Jimmie Martin...

And this wonderful piece by Paul Loebach:

Go shopping!