Immortal Longings

This morning I saw some over-dressed women staggering home from their Friday nights, lipstick smeared and dresses wrinkled, and I began to think about all the jewelry that gets lost on naughty evenings and over-indulgant binges. Many a jewel has been lost on the floors of nightclubs and in the apartments of strangers. What do these strangers do with our jewelry? Does it pass on to some other woman? Does it get thrown out (what good is one earring anyway)? How long do we pine for these pieces before we forget them? As long as those nights remember us? No, I think longer. These pieces below are to be worn only around people you know, since you would surely regret losing them!

Bracelet by Carla Caruso; Earrings by Carla Caruso; Necklace by Rebecca Overman; Earrings by Elise Moran; Big Cloud necklace by Skylark Studio; Ring by Carla Caruso; Wheat necklace by Carla Caruso; Lotus earrings from Vale Jewelry; Cuff by Giles & Brother; Leather wrap bracelet by Giles & Brother; Nut and bolt cufflinks by Giles & Brother; Barbie's eyes necklace by Margaux Lange; Pendant by Poodlebreath.


Out, damned spot!

Ah, Lady MacBeth, that Queen of blood and spots and things that won't wash away. Below are some astonishing works and goods that follow this theme of blood and dust and dirty, dirty things.

Blood on paper, work by Laura Splan (blow up for full effect); Dust art by Hannah Bertram; Shower curtain from Spinning Hat; Door handle by NTP Designs; Hand-shaped dog leash by Alice Wang; "The Offering" Hands from Design Toscano; Mirror Illusion from Supermarket; "Rex", "Dirty" and "Regina" dish towels by To Dry For; "Object without a Story" by way of their blog; Death Mask of Elizabeth I of England.


"Get my Swan Costume Ready" - Anna Pavlova

I don't know about you, but I've been strutting and fretting on the stage of life for some time now. Immortal longings, peeled grapes, tamed shrews, lips that utter incomparable words and hands that gesture are really best left to the pros. In the amateur theatre of my mind, I dress these phantasms and stages for a production that will never take place.

Cursive Design's leaf necklace; Spoon by SushiPot; Bouquet by Star of the East; Eye Table at Palazzo Poggi; Embroidered rings by Anna Lorich; Bug wallpaper by Jennifer Angus; Death cast of Eleonora Duse's hand; Sam Winston's "Romeo & Juliet" entirely written out in pattern; Double Bridge ring from Little Rooms; Surgical handbook necklace from Little Rooms; Cityscape bangle from Little Rooms; "Fenestra" collection by Slane & Slane; Pea Pod for Baby by GreenManShop; Urchin bracelet by Bean and the Sprout; Necklace, Ring, Cufflinks and Necklace by Star of the East.