Paper Surgery

Ah, the lure of the piece of paper - so full of promise and so tempting to the imagination, like an empty drawer in an abandoned house. Equally filled with the promise of failure, lack of imagination, a total run-down of all your faults and foibles, the piece of paper has worlds to teach and worlds to take away. Who hasn't imagined the blank piece of paper forming a mouth and talking to you late at night, telling you something you KNOW you're supposed to understand but can't quite grasp...or is that just me?

Today is about those who have tamed the wild paper, made it their own manifestation and given it a 3D life that has something to say on its own. You need to look carefully at all these - blow them up.
The unbelievable Georgia Russell:

Bovey Lee:

Emma van Leest:

Helen Musselwhite:

Jenny Lee Fowler (who also uses leaves!):

Su Blackwell, who I wish would cut my dreams out for me!

Jennifer Angus' wallpaper and textiles with bugs:

Goodnight as the book closes...


Paper in all its glorious manifestations

I have found some fantastic papers lately and thought why not share them?! These posion labels are by way of Spookshows and can be printed out!

Lovely/gruesome Civil War trading cards from Bob Heffner:

Cambodian pulp-novel covers (this particular woman seems to have some marriage troubles...):

Vintage condom labels:

Pulp book covers, with a tendency towards the octopus, by way of Francesca!