Aladdin's Cave #1

Everyone dreams about Aladdin's Cave and sinking into piles of smooth jewels and coins - why? Because of the sensual pleasure of the surfaces as well as the adornment factor. Who hasn't substituted their grandmother's button jars for this feeling, that wonderful hand-sinking-into-shapes feeling? Nothing feels quite like good jewelry, and no matter the price, adornment is 9/10ths seduction (for the "wearer" more than the "other"). When we wear jewelry we are all princesses who have discovered a cave of treasures for the taking and the naughtiness of the thought is that very seduction. We never feel it is truly ours, just on loan from some other, wilder and more magnificent woman and we can, for a moment, be her.

Since I have been collecting scads of wonderful jewelry, it's time to put them out there for others to gape over! Installment 1 of Aladdin's Cave...

Ottoman Vine Earrings by Peruvian Connection; Maltese earrings by Peruvian Connection; Rio 22 earrings by Calico Juno Designs; Necklace by Calico Juno; Devi earrings by Double Happiness; Abigail ring by Double Happiness; Amadi bracelet by Double Happiness; Earrings by Viv & Ingrid; Wax Seal bracelet by Kabiri; Ascher earrings by Urban Posh; Bird Skull necklaces by Pamela Love; Necklace by Janna Connor Designs; Enamel necklaces by Janna Connor; Leather and silver bracelet from Boutique To You; Bracelet by Draugsvold; Bracelet by Erica Anenberg; Earrings by Erica Anenberg; Ring from Help Malawi Children; Ring from Help Malawi Children; Ring from Skinny Style; "Cleo" necklace from Skinny Style; headband by Jennifer Behr; "Raja" earrings by Rosena Sammi; "Goa Nights" necklace by Rosena Sammi; "Pasand" earrings by Rosena Sammi; Golden Forrest Nymph Headband by Ban.Do; Purple and Blue Bliss Headband by Ban.Do; Black Tourmaline necklace by Joy O Designs; Silver Crystal earrings by Joy O Designs; Gold Cluster earrings by Wendy Mink; Gunmetal Leaves earrings by Wendy Mink; Tanzanite Hoops by Wendy Mink; "Sweet Tooth" bangles by Rachel Leigh; "Michelle" bracelet by Jaclyn Mayer; "Quadrille" earrings from Charm and Chain; "Jamie" earrings from Charm and Chain; "Cold Desert Drops" from Charm and Chain; "Santa Clara" earrings from Charm and Chain; "Parrot" earrings from Charm and Chain; "Double Circle" earrings from Charm and Chain; Chandeliers from Charm and Chain; Guinevere headband from Charm and Chain; Bib necklace from Charm and Chain; Lavender Chain necklace from Charm and Chain; True Birds headband; "Lovers Link" bracelet by Made Her Think.



Whenever I feel sad, scared, stressed or generally like doom is lurking, I think about mice. Ever since I was a kid having frequent nightmares, I'd calm myself down by thinking about my Steiff mice doing all kinds of things, like getting married in heaven or cooking me a meal served on a toadstool, or sewing my buttons. It never failed to soothe me. So since I'm feeling kind of freaked out today worrying about my dad's recovery, I need mice! And some cats too of course.

Yorrick mouse by The House of Mouse; Van Gogh mouse by House of Mouse; Jack Skellingmouse mouse by House of Mouse; Portrait by Berkley Illustration; The Onion Store's fantastic magnets (and so true!); Comedy by Ruling Cats & Dogs; Fairy mouse by Madd Katter; Mouse in Teacup by GreenMan Shop; Berry the Mouse by JustCats; Animal Crime bag by Skirt; Cat rings by Gift; Mouse ring-bearer dish by PassionArte; Mouse print by Frettke; cat bed by Vintage Renaissance; You can turn your mouse or cat antics into flip-books! So cool. Mouse skull necklace by Nouveau Motley; 2-headed mouse by Walrus Puppet.