My first post!

Ah, yes, another blog about design and all things lovely... but I am also a writer so hopefully I can keep you amused...

Have you ever gone to the Harvard Museum of Natural History to view the Blaschka models? If not - do! The Blasckas were German glassmakers from the 19th century who created life-like botanical and sea creature models that are so infinte in their little forms, and heart-crushingly lovely. Follow this link...http://www.hmnh.harvard.edu/the-collection-of-glass-flowers/visiting-the-galleries-2.html. I have plans to write a book about the sea creatures, but Harvard is very uppity about giving me permission into their "archives."

I had one of my profound-to-no-one-but-me ideas today - when will someone design Cinderella dresses complete with the little helpful birds? Interactive fashion - a new trend I'm claiming as my own.

Please feel free to send me links to things that are highly unusual - I love yammering on and on about talented people.

Many thanks for joining and reading.


  1. I can't believe this is the first post on your new blog. My husband and I saw this collection at Harvard about 20 years ago and were stunned by their intricacy and realism. I so hope you can write your book, these treasures need to be shared with a wider audience.

  2. the glass flowers are just about my favorite to see things living in Boston. I go there every chance I get.
    Good luck with the book.