Mine Mine Mine!!!!

I happen to come from a long line of labelers. Seems we all had sisters who claimed our favorite books for herself, or had a Dad who ran around the house Dymo-labeling everything from the TV to the Hollandaise sauce, to an aunt who bookplated her books back in the day and the labels are more interesting than the books. But whatever your book history, I am showing you loads of wonderful options to label every book you own. You know, just in case your sister comes over...

From The Little Chickadee.

From the clever folks at Asspocket Productions.

My personal fave, Oiseaux.

From SweetlyLovely.

From Montserrat.

From TayloredArts.

From SweetWater Crafts.

Now go read a book! And don't let anyone steal it.


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  2. Thanks for stopping in and checking out my goodies ;)


  3. What a wonderful blog post!! Love the theme of course, book nerd that I am (didn't realize it till now, but I am a serious labeler as well lol.) Thanks so much for the feature!


  4. Thanks so much for featuring my bookplates! You have such a lovely blog!