Oh Morbid World!

Why have I always been so fascinted with the morbid? Maybe because death as depicted for the living (taxidermy, in particular) is so bizarre we almost WANT to believe that animals in the afterlife will wear hats and frogs will conduct orchestras and rabbits sit at school desks learning French (in fact, if this were true, I would believe in the afterlife!). Every child in the world has found something mummified in some field and stared at it with a kindness and sympathy that the living don't always get. I myself just found a pair of mummified mouse pants in my closet, clearly ripped from his torso by one of my cats but they were so sweet I almost sent them to my sister for her collection of taxidermy. So today is about taxidermy - the sweetest I could find.

"Oh that this too too solid fur would melt!"

From the geniuses at Idiots NL:

From the Deyrolle Museum in Paris:

These following from Jessica Joslin:

From Gwen Roch:

And a special call-out to my fave blog Morbid Anatomy who inspire me daily.

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