A Fine Metal

"Natures also forges man, now a gold man, now a silver man, now a fig man, now a bean man." Paracelsus
"Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with liquid silver drops. Let the rain sing you a lullabye." Langston Hughes
"His smile is like the silver plate on a coffin." John Philpot Curran.

Bear pin by Momocreatura; Owl ring by Momocreatura; Rabbit by Momocreatura; Gold leaf Lilies from Mothology; Mistletoe pendant lamp from Mothology; Philippe Tournaire's Architecture rings; Stag bowl from Gorsuch; Bird skull drawer pulls by BillyBlue22; Plum Petal necklace By Boe; Portfolio "Family" case by Mathieu Lehanneur; Hot Dog Vendor metal storage system by Mathieu Lehanneur; custom Topographical pins by Fluid Forms; Pea necklaces by Kvast; Wooden Horse necklace by Kvast; Peacock cuff by Dirty Story; Vertabrae necklace by Black Jewls; Butterfly ring by Poppet and Pinch; Bird Skull necklace by BillyBlue22; Corvidae necklace by Neawear; Bat Skull necklace by BillyBlue22; Copper Lily by Metalart; Metal vase by EarthenArt.

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