Today will be a short post, since I feel like the walls are closing in on me! My dad is getting better, but now my uncle had a major stroke and is on life support...the body is so fragile, and so elusive. After days in the hospital I couldn't help but think how much nicer it would be if all the patients had some amazing wallpaper to look at, or something more than cracks and beeping pumps of gelatinous IV fluids. So I put up a few of my favorties today, and you must blow them up since they are all fascinating to look at close-up!

Audubon's photos of the most endangered flowers; wallpaper by Jill Malek; Eskayel's "Frontier" wallpaper; Grow House Grow's Cottontail, Captain Smith, and Aleister; B&N Industries' Chinoiserie; Romp's Elephant.

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