Sand Storms

The most amazing experience I have had thus far in life is without question the time I spent in the Sahara desert. I had my "English Patient" moments, flying over the sands to Abu Simbel, ripples of orange sand so mesmerizing I fully understand why planes crash, and how simple cotton can be made into the most seductive interiors for succor from the sun. Oddly, these desert dwellings have acquired a mythical luxury to them, and I can see why now - a superlative skin pillow and cashmere carpet only make sense, really, when you have taken a break from the stunning majesty of nature. The tapestry of your imagination becomes positively Baroque when you sit and watch the sands shift - simplicity begetting a riot of colors and shapes and textures. So...I have begun to design my dream oasis, with only a few of the items I would need to amuse myself and my skin. Bear with me on the seeming inappropriateness of mixing tigers with lions and plexiglass with leather, but it all makes sense to me.

Tent from Maharaja Tent; Pouf by Sophie Nova; Pillows from Sophie Nova; Chair by Henry Road; Life-size horse statue from Accents in the Garden; Life-size tiger statue from Accents in the Garden; Lily Hand vase from Accessories for a Good Life; Rug and Runner by Judy Ross Textiles; Stool and Screen by Boca do Lobo; Sakura rug from Asha Carpets; Plexi Trunk from Plexi-Craft; Croc tray from PanAm Phoenix; Sand art performances by Ilana Yahav; Salt art by Motoi Yamamoto by way of Booooooom; Hermes teapot, chair and dominoes; The Ultimate leather picnic basket by Pinel & Pinel.

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