To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

Sleeping and napping are privileges of extraordinary merit. Dreaming is my favorite activity (last night I dreamt I was sponsoring a cat's rowing team - it was very expensive to outfit these cats!) and I wake up each day dazzled by what goes on in sleep. And it DOES matter what pillow you are sleeping on, so here are some great ones to consider.

Pink Tank pillow from Kanibal Home; Frame and TV pillowcases by Product of Your Environment; Elephant pillow by 2Modern; Chair pillow from 2Modern; "Homeless Bedding" (the height of cynicism) by Onze Collectie; "Laundry Series" comforter by Onze Collectie; Thomas Paul pillows form 2Modern; Sasha silver pillow from Inmod; Rocco pillow from Inmod; Osaka pillow from Inmod; Crown pillow from SaSea Boutique; Tree pillowcase by Branch Handmade; Birdcage pillowcases and Whale pillow by Branch Handmade; Antique Rolls Royce pillowcases by RoyalKane; Squid and Crab pillowcases by RoyalKane; "Succulent" pillow shams by Maramiki; Vintage Bi-plane cases by Branch Handmade; Sleep/Fuck pillowcases from Kiki de Montparnasse; Elephant Crossing pillowcases from Urban Outfitters; Succulent pillow and Ivy Pillow by Ronel Jordaan; Camera pillow, Cameo pillow and Scissor pillow from La Cerise sur le Gateau; Blood puddle pillow by Keetra Dean Dixon; Skeleton Key cases and Bug pillow by Sugar & Fig; Horse pillow by Otrada; Brit pillows and Mao pillows by Naked Decor; White Rabbit pillow and Cheshire Cat pillow by Nuka.
Sweet dreams!

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