Pygmalion's Stuff

I love porcelain. It's faint skin is mesmerizing and oh so human. Pygmalion used the right materials. Here's to today's creators!

"Park" planter by Science + Sons (look closely); "Spanish Lace" at Museum of Arts & Design; "Claws" by KGrandey; Rabbit plaque by PoodleBreath; Fornasetti fish tray from My Own Space; Crab by Stray Dog Designs; Wall cups by Laura Pregger; Painted cups by Samantha Robinson; Canisters and milk jug from Abitaire; "Bugs + Bunnies" china from Supermarket; Bunnies and "Dutch Disturbance" by Judith Van den Boom; Sculpture by Rachel Kneebone; Butterflies, "Silver Vases" by Feinedinge; Pea Plate from Soop Group; Upholstery vases by Sarah Grove; Kiki Smith's Cat tumbler from Other Criteria; Statue by Tricia Cline; "Office Pets" by Hella Jongerius; Bottles by Sara Paloma; "Factory" at Generate; Tea cup bracelet by Hella Jongerius; "Skin" beakers at Vessel; "Winter Hare" by Sue Whimster; Busts from Oly Studio.

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