Aladdin's Cave 2

The much-anticipated second installment of jewelry in a mish-mash of gorgeousness! Get your lovers to buy something for the holidays, or just because you're worthy.

Earrings, Black Diamond heart necklace, Blue Tourmaline earrings and Bee earrings by Phoenix Rose; Anchor earrings, Cobblestone bracelet, With or Without ring by Kim & Maki; Fang rings, Lily ring by Bittersweets NYC; Nail rings, Amefyst ring by Bijoules NYC; Dart earrings, 5 Pyramids necklace by Zoe Chicco/Smith; Mirror cuff by Ted Rossi; Cuff, Bracelet, Snakes, Tulip earrings, Etoile Headband by Swarovski; Flower ring, Lion Ring by Elisa Solomon; Elephant necklace from Skinny Style; Necklace, Flower Drop Earrings, Clip earrings, Dangle earrings, Necklace by Sorrelli; Bear bangle, Bird Cuff by Tous; Cuffs by 'Zad; Double Lotus necklace, Head wrap, 5 Comets necklace by Bhati Beads; Cube necklace, Whispers necklace in braille by TMOD; Lalo bracelets by Kerr Designs.

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