Hop on Pop-up!

Everyone loves the mysterious world of pop-up. As a kid you remember being shocked that paper could do something so remarkable, since all you had to associate with paper at that point was homework. It also meant only YOU got that pop-up, it was entirely crafted for you (in your imagination) and you actually saved the card, unlike your crazy Aunt Ginny's recycled holy card with her name crossed out and yours inserted. So here's to feeling the wonder of kid-hood again!

French Hens by Popupcardmaking; Stairs by Grip and Word; Nursery by Cornerstone LAE; Baby Carriage by Molly Lee; Hummingbird by Popupcardmaking; Sakura by Interwingle; Landscape by Bennett Morris; Butterflies by Popupcardmaking; Bunny by Interwingle; Night City, Halloween, Aeroplane by Galin Black; Do-it-yourself bat by Robert Sabuda; Nepalese cards by way of Fashiontribes; Heart by Tracy Chong.

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  1. Cool pop-up cards, amazing what you can create, hey! Thanks for sharing!