Deck the Walls

I used to think wallpaper was for mental patients and grandmothers, but I have since come to appreciate their sometimes-claustrophobic qualities as a divine madness. I have listed some of the best wallpapers I could find, and am always on the lookout for more for my own dream-madhouse walls! As a New Yorker, I don't have walls I can tamper with, so cracked white plaster is what I spend my days trying to conjur shapes and patterns from! (I currently can see a ghost-man and a chipmunk.)

1) Ostrich by Beware the Moon; 2) Girlie paper by Beware the Moon; 3) Fornasetti "Forbidden Fruit"; 4) Romo Fabric's flocked wallpaper; 5) Walnut Wallpaper's "Anemone" paper; 6) Walnut Wallpaper's "Corallo"; 7) Walnut Wallpaper's "Jewel of Spring"; 8) Walnut Wallpaper's "Deerly"; 9) Cole & Sons "Hickory"; 10) Cole & Sons "Istanbul"; 11) Cole & Sons "Lilac"; 12) Cole & Sons "Hummingbirds"; 13) Walnut Wallpaper's "Birdtree"; 14) Cavern's "Tigerlace"; 15) Cavern's "Casa"; 16) Claire Cole's stitched wallpaper; 17) Claire Cole's "Roomscene"; 18) Palace Papers' "Fossil Fuel"; 19) Rockett St. George's "Fish" embroidered paper; 20) Hannah Werning's "Eye" stickers; 21) LLB Private's "Couple Divan"; 22) "Lily"; 23) Ella & Sofia's "Urban Seahorse"; 24) Ella & Sofia's "Tic Tac Toe"; 25) Hannah Werning's paper; 26) Damien Hirst's "Butterfly" wallpaper; 27) Lisa Bengtsson's wallpaper; 28) Wanneke's "Damask" (look carefully!); 29) Curio's wallpaper; 30) another Curio paper.

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