License to Kill!

I am a HUGE James Bond fan, and based on yesterday's posting about my dad, this is also one for him - the man who turned me on to Bond. We were living in Lyford Cay, Nassau when Thunderball had just finished filming, and the one movie theatre on the island, the Shirley Street Theatre, was Bond-obsessed. We saw every single one made up to 1973 there, and in its dark depths and cockroach-laden seats, my dad would talk about how much he wanted to be Bond with his Astin Martin and fabulous gadgets. But the best thing of all about the Bond films are the credits and decors - unbeatable. So, today is Bond day (at least, my vision of Bond)...(and we all know Sean Connery is the ONLY Bond and his chicks are the best.)

Playing cards from NPW; suitcase fireplace by Atria; Spectre-like medal by Laura Pregger; "diamond" necklace by Laura Pregger; "Prepare for Combat" necklace by Miansai; "Seaplane" necklace by Miansai; "Arabesque" mobile by FCS Design; British fighter plane silhouettes; "Girly" wallpaper from Beware-the-Moon; flocked Skulls wallpaper from Beware-the-Moon; hand grenade oil lamp from Unica Home; Tom Dixon's copper lights; Moorish arch from Just Morocco; "Pin Up" Tea Set by Lighten Up Design; mink hammock from Bless; camera by Superheadz; lawn chair by Pedlars; Union Jack bunting from Pedlars; Lizzie Allen's wallpaper; magnetic world-domination map; silver wellies from Pedlars.
Now go serve King and country!

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