Whenever I feel sad, scared, stressed or generally like doom is lurking, I think about mice. Ever since I was a kid having frequent nightmares, I'd calm myself down by thinking about my Steiff mice doing all kinds of things, like getting married in heaven or cooking me a meal served on a toadstool, or sewing my buttons. It never failed to soothe me. So since I'm feeling kind of freaked out today worrying about my dad's recovery, I need mice! And some cats too of course.

Yorrick mouse by The House of Mouse; Van Gogh mouse by House of Mouse; Jack Skellingmouse mouse by House of Mouse; Portrait by Berkley Illustration; The Onion Store's fantastic magnets (and so true!); Comedy by Ruling Cats & Dogs; Fairy mouse by Madd Katter; Mouse in Teacup by GreenMan Shop; Berry the Mouse by JustCats; Animal Crime bag by Skirt; Cat rings by Gift; Mouse ring-bearer dish by PassionArte; Mouse print by Frettke; cat bed by Vintage Renaissance; You can turn your mouse or cat antics into flip-books! So cool. Mouse skull necklace by Nouveau Motley; 2-headed mouse by Walrus Puppet.

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