Arms and Heralds

I once had a dream about my father, who in this dream had died as a Knight and was buried in a knight's stone coffin above-ground. He had left behind on top of his coffin for my mother, sister and me each a pair of outrageous shoes he had designed for us to express his feelings for us. Each pair was so fantastical, with feathers and stitches and outrageous colors - some boots, some evening shoes of medieval variety. (I wish I had photos!) We were so taken aback by his creative expressions, we all put on our shoes and laughed. It was a wonderful dream, and I remember in particular the way our arms looked putting them on, so pale and ghostly and long. Since then, arms and crests and all things knightly have belonged together in my dreams.

Tattoo arm necklace by TheBrokenPlate; Disarming Smile necklace by NOOBOO; Grace necklace by Ghost Love Jewelry; Arm and Bullet necklace by Robins Egg Blue; Glass lens by Creeping Elm; Artfully Amputated necklace by Delectably Deviant; Arms photo by Honeytree; Victorian choker by DoctorMorose; Arm earrings by venussoberanes; Green Zombie earrings by XenaraesRoom; White as a Ghost necklace by spacepearls; Ghost doll necklace by dolldisasterdesign; Love is Within our Reach necklace by EKCreations; Pendant by Pinktophat.

Introduction to Heraldry picture by Evershot; Pin by yipestoo; Medieval Heraldic pin by Carl Lemke Unique Jewelry; Cufflinks by Wenchie; Crest ring by Seawear; Smith ring and Vetruvian Man ring by blindspotjewellery; Lion ring by dedalo; Intaglio ring by NinaGibsonDesigns; Wax seal necklace by RitzyMisfit; Silver seal necklaces by Underhercharm; Celtic ring by LvoffStudio; Sultan Seal ring by drndesigns; Fleur de Lys necklace and Wax Seal necklace by beadsss; Crest necklace by elissann.

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  1. Can't get better than that, can it? What a wonderful set of whimsical pieces, I want one of each, they are soooo sooo scrumptious together like that. Wow, what a set!!!

    Micheline Hamelin
    Nanaimo, British Columbia