Reflections in a Mirror

I love mirrors, especially the ones you can't see in. Something funny about that. Equally funny are mirrors that tell you in text that you are beautiful, stunning, the fairest of them all...let's face it, we never believe these sycophants. What I DO love about mirrors is their ability to multiply the world and stretch it endlessly over your shoulder so that you at once feel insignificant and part of a whole universe of wonder. Through the mirror, darkly or lightly, and you have found Wonderland.

Wow mirror by Boxing Bella; Wall vinyl by Single Stone Studios; Duck Mirror by David Dear at RISD; Sweeney Todd mirror at SUCK UK; Lily Mirror at Modern Dose; Heliconia Mirror at Hidden Art Shop; Mirror from AQHayon Collection; Coco Mirror from Ochre; Grandiose Mirror at Wisteria; Text Mirror at Generate; Mirrored placemats by Dransfield & Ross; Choe and Tomlinson Death Wish Self Portrait Mirror from Design Public; Balloon and Rat mirrors from Lightly; World Necklace and Postage stamp mirror from Up To You Toronto; Dress Mirror from Conran USA; Seek Love mirrored dish, Femme Fatale mirror, Collette mirrored chest, Baudelaire mirrored cabinet from The Paris Apartment.

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