Bring me the head of John the Baptist!

Let's not even get into why you will need a number of plates and platters this season. Family is coming over, people you haven't spoken to in years, and all manner of humans traipsing through your home - why not have the china to talk about? Serve them anything, as long as the table is tasteful! Oh, and maybe serve some tidbits too...

4 trays by Kaas Collection; Ship tray by Rae Glassworks; Ferris Wheel tray by Gigi Phillips; Green tray by mediumstomasses; Eagle tray by Joysarts; Tapas tray by Tapas Trays; Council block tray and Seafront platter by Esther Coombs; Bird and Mouse plates by Laura Walls Taylor; Caviar tray and Tapas tray by Jill Rosenwald; Bee platter by Carriage House; Leaf tray by Lovely Mud Pottery; Child's hand ashtray by Emily Houtz; Fused glass tray by JSGlassArt; Flat tray and flat serving platter by TwelveOneDesigns; Flower bowl by onepetal; Melamine platter by Olive Manna; Grey serving tray by afabulousfete; Glass flower tray by WWooding; Butterfly tray by easttennesseegirl; Oval platter by Dishfulsofdoodles; Blue and Green trays by mediumstomasses; Ace of Spades. Moon and Snake trays by John Derian; Tray by Ella Doran; Real Estate Agents tray, Caravan platter, 7 Deadly Sins plates by Trixie Delicious at Toggle.co.nz; Tree tray by Cul de Sac Design; 3 Plates by Sarah Cihat; Man platter, Oval Platter, and Man plate by Esther Derkz; Airplane sick bags from Pure Austrian Design; "Biscuit" plate from Soop; Scenic platter from Trevally, Inc.; Shippo plates from Jongerius Lab; Silhouette platter and by Christopher Jagmin.


  1. Great pieces! I've already added a few to my Etsy favorites. Thank you for including me!


  2. Wow, what a great selection! I'm loving the rehabilitaed dishes by Sarah Cihat... what a good idea. Thanks so much for featuring my tray and leading me to some possible purchases for the holidays!

  3. all the recycle work is really intruiging..is it decoupage ..the kaas work?
    thank you so much for including me on your cool blog.