Aw shucks! I didn't get YOU anything!

I will once again pontificate on the joys of good gift wrap, tags, and boxes, etc. In my prior posting on gift tags, I discovered that I am not alone in this insistence, that wrapping is almost as important as the gift. My mother always says she'd love to go to a gay man's Christmas party because they wrap their packages so beautifully! Be that as it may, we can all be gay this holiday season! By the way, my name happens to be Gay!

Carpe Diem tags by PacoKeko; Envelopes by AdonaiJayde; Chandelier tags by PaperEclectiques; Mushroom wrap by paminboots; The Onion gift wrap at The Onion Store; Noel card by Pammero; Japanese gift wrap #1 and #2 by UGUiSU; Marie Antoinette #1 and #2 by PetitePaperieShoppe; Snow Bunny tags by StitcherScribbler; Dictionary butterflies by RoyalBuffet; Vintage girl tags by southernladysvintage; Holy card tags by PaperEclectiques; French ladies' tags by creationsbyminda; Girl on Sheep tags by LocalGringos; Lined card by PetitePaperieShoppe; Number tags by PaperEclectiques; Lavender and Lilacs tags by MothtoaFlameStudio; Birdhouse gift boxes by FayeHubele; Airplane tags by SepiaSmiles; Birdsong and Dickie tags by PetitePaperieShoppe; Dress tags by frenchcountry; Wild Things tags by amyelisedesigns; Sacred Heart tags by PaperEclectiques; Rose tags by mulberrymuse; Postcard, Bird, Deer and Merry tags by SeasonalDelights; Button tags by FreshLemonBlossoms; Zodiac tags and Gothic tags by Shorn Sheep; Tartan bird tags by greenwillow; Oh Nuts tags by SunshineandRavioli; Castle tags by BuncoBettys; Gargoyle, Native American, Dirigibles, Harley Quinn, Birdcage tags by ShornSheep.


  1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for including my button tags with all these beautiful tags!! I love how a pretty tag will give your plain gift bags or boxes a bit of WOW! So easy to add a special touch and any of these beautiful tags here will do that. Thank you!!

  2. Oh my!! These would look just beautiful on a gift or even framed!!! So many beautiful hand created tags!!

  3. I love wrapping presents as much as giving them too and I think I'll be treating everyone to some of your gift tag finds this year (well treating myself too!)

    Thank you so much for including my Snowbunnies with all the lovely tags xo

  4. Hi there!

    I recently had the pleasure of using and writing about paminboots' mushroom gift wrap (http://thegiftedblog.wordpress.com/2009/11/16/paminboots-product-feature-giveaway/). It is truly cool. I didn't find out until later that she hand stamped each little mushroom and heart by hand!

    My blog is all about gift wrapping, so I'm eager to take a peek at your other gift tag post.