Boo 2!

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde.

Rabbit mask, Cut-out mask by Tom Banwell; Bear mask by 1HandmadebyHeather; Rabbit by Teonova; Leaves and Flowers mask by Crysiira; Bat Woman mask, "Dr. Plague" mask by Leatherartworks; Reefer Man mask by Tom Banwell; Wolf mask by Teonova; Cutout Hearts mask by Tom Banwell; Dark Fairy mask by Kenn Osborne; Lace Cat mask by Mascherina; Birch mask by Lady in the Tower; Barn Owl mask by Savage Dryad (I bought this one!); Green owl mask by Pretty Lil Things; "Underground" mask by TotusMel; Woodland Nymph mask by Vintage Trading; Different Drummers print by The Last Circus; Black Bird mask by Tom Banwell; Framed rabbit mask, Leaf mask and Bacchus mask by The Art of the Mask.


  1. So many cool masks! Thanks for adding mine.

  2. Ah ha. I see you bought the Pretty Lil Things Owl mask so you'll have something to wear to my party. No excuses now.