A Fool and His Gold Are Soon Parted

Fool's Gold! I love the chunkiness and the sudden epiphany of the tasteful that Fool's Gold is an honorable metal, just as Pluto is, damn it, a real planet! (I have also listed some items that are not technically Fool's Gold but are gold-looking, making them a kind of foolish gold...)

Bird ring by Kenneth Jay Lane (thanks to Toutie!); Necklace by Rack and Ruin; Nugget earrings by Lemonade Handmade; Pyrite necklace from Novella; Cortes necklace from The Peach Tree; Lucky Seven necklace by Ball and Chain; Protection Stone necklace by The Loud Lion; Earrings by Andromedii; Ring by Ball and Chain; Rock with figures by Ida's Tiny Works; Pendulum by Alli Pasha; Necklace by Allure Silver Jewelry; Necklace by Lavender Field; Necklace by Red Chair; Necklace and Earrings by Leaaux; Bangle from Bijules NYC; Glow Girl necklace from HSN; Stacked Rings from Kevia; Ring from Kevia; Ring from Kevia; Flower rings by Kevia; Stacked Rings from Kevia; Linear Cube earrings from Kara Ross; Bracelet by House of Harlow; Butterfly necklace by Lisa Black.

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