Halloween is everybody's favorite holiday and why not? We can pretend we're dead without the commitment! For all those who have dwelt in graveyards and flown the skies, here are some sublime Halloween choices for your home, your head, and your soul...

Real bat in acrylic from Vampfangs; Master Damien Gortrait from Vampfangs; Gangsta tattoos from Vampfangs; Black Gingerbread houses and Silver Cats from Castle in the Air; Vintage chenille garland, Jacks and Cats pillow, Greenhouse, Candy container; Children's hangers, As the Crow Flies, Crow garland, all from A Vintage Holiday; Poison labels, Skeleton wall cling, Mice, all from Martha Stewart's Halloween collection at Grand Inroad; Sun mask from Success Creations; Ambracan mask and Cademia mask from La Fondazione; Volto Baroque mask and Bauta Baroque mask from Magic of Venezia; Plain masks from The Costumer; Atlantide Deco mask, White face mask, Luna mask, Flame mask, Fish Mask, all from Pezzo Bello; White mask and Rabbit mask from Halloween24; Light purple mask from Seasons Trading; Unpainted mask on stick, Cat mask, Yin Yan mask, Masquerade mask, Silver mask, Dog mask, Feather mask, Red mask, Snow Jester mask, and Black Eye mask, all from Party Oasis; Black Ballo mask and Black Cat mask and ears from Fun House Theatrical Costumes; Rebel mask from Luxury Divas; Horn Mask from Kiki de Montparnasse; Gold Rabbit by Judith van den Boom; Puss-in-Boots greeting card from Castle in the Air.

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