"A Gentleman is Calling, Madame..."

The deferential butler, the suitor, the undertaker...all presenting calling cards to announce a most-important arrival. I adore calling cards as much as I adore tight bodices and fainting women.
When I was little, I happened to open the door when someone knocked, and a man offered me his calling card to annouce his presence to my parents. I remember thinking, "Huh?" and then asking him to wait outside until I gave his card to my mother. She immediately said, "You should have invited him inside!" to which I said "What about no talking to strangers?" "Anyone with a calling card is not a stranger," she replied. So right she was, I have since discovered, and I myself have calling cards (OK, I've never used them, but still...). Maybe you are familiar with Edward Gorey's habit of putting a blank white calling card in one frame of every story, a haunting image. The lone card on the vast floor, dropped by a heart-broken guest who was NOT announced. The snub is unbearable if you have a calling card. So I learned.

Lucy in the Sky and Hummingbird by EnfinLaVoila; Call Soon by PalomaNest; Pink Design by Elaine Biss; Sea Creatures by artisjok; Lion by Pressa Russa; Snowflake by EnfinLaVoila; Rabbit and Hippo by happygirlgreetings; Parakeet and Buddha by artisjok; Birds by paperandink; Floral by mylittlebuffalo; Light Blue by vermilionstarpress; Deer by OhSmile; I'm Sorry by Gramskinpaperstudio; Typos by InvitedInk; Mums by SarahTams; Dots by modernemotive; Red cards by notepourri; Dogs by FuzzyMug; Design by Oh Smile; Farmer's Market by drenculture; Modern Squares by pixelimpress; Nautical by SiskaStudio; Typewriter by Naomi Lynn; Poppies by Michelle Brusegaard; Mod Trees and Berries by SiskaStudio; Mommie calling cards by Pretty Smitten; Marie Antoinette by Enfin La Voila.


  1. How sweet of you to feature my card! Thank you so much!! XOXO, Elaine

  2. Thanks for featuring my cards. Much appreciated. Great selection.


  3. Haha "I'm sorry. It's not worth getting to know you any further"

  4. What a fun post. Thanks for including my typewriter calling card!
    -Naomi Lynn

  5. That you so much for including us on your blog!

    I am in love with the 'I'm Sorry' cards! :o)

    ~Sally Ann

  6. Thanks for including us in your fabulous post!