The Unwelcome Guest

Salome - the ultimate bad hostess and John the Baptist, the ultimate unwelcome guest... the images have haunted for centuries and I for one have always wanted to give a Salome dinner party, the head being played by whomever annoys me at that point. I would need to wear the most seductive jewelry and serve on the strangest and most magnificent platters. Here is a start for your own Salome party! Let Oscar Wilde guide you in your endeavors.

Images of Salome by Titian, Andrea Solari, Maud Adams as Salome, Unknown, Guido Reni, Moreau.

Pendant by Olivia Moon; Photo by Imagine Studio; Art Print by Stiletto Heights; Print by Art by Resolution; Heart print by Meganzii; Art print by Stiletto Heights; Last Dance photo by risamay; Danse Macabre by Nico24;

Necklace by Clare Lupino; Bracelet by HappenstanceDesigns; Woven necklace by Glamorosi; Pearl necklace by TZTudio; Steampunk necklace by Nouveau Motley; Green necklace by Catrocks; Necklace by Eclettica;

Shell platter by DaisyChestnut; Say Grace platter by Laneyandtanner; Ceramic platter by ShapingLivesPottery7; Heart plate by FoldedPigs; Flower and Butterfly platters by DaisyChestnut; Cobwebs and Angel platters by John Derian;

Vintage images and final image of Oscar Wilde as Salome.


  1. I just love your associations and how your mind works. Your blog is becoming one of my favorite things on the internet!

  2. Amazing blog!!!! Thank you so much!

    Lyse (Imagine Studio)