"I brought you something Mommy."

Ahh, the creepy kid syndrome... Perhaps because we're not encouraged to think of children as anything but holy, the lure of seeing them as evil is too great. And the things they play with conjur the same creepy feelings as the kids themselves. Maybe I love them because they're outcasts, or because they see monsters everywhere hovering in shadows, but I find them comforting. Or do I need to be put away?

First 5 images from Edward Gorey's Gashleycrumb Tinies; Photo by way of Deviant Art; Retro picture by way of the Telegraph; 2 Children photos by Loretta Lux; Goldilocks sculpture by Chelsea Telephone; Sad Sweetpea by Carnivality; Coffin necklace by GhostLoveJewelry; Doll photo by smacshop; Creepy Doll by CreepyDolls; Doll with Hat by FrankenKitty; Doll part ornaments by CreepyDolls; B/W photo by pasha13; Doll head photo by Creeping Elm; Boy and Mother and Kids photos and Pair of Kids by Ravenwolf; My Little Darlings by PugPink; Digital Collage sheet by ltkupilli; Postmortem cigarette case by SweetheartSinner.


  1. At first I thought, the kids can't be that creepy! Then I read your blog a bit and realize, wow those are some creepy kids!

  2. You 'get it', too! Love what you've found, and thanks for including me. :)

  3. Those kids "see monsters"???
    Didn't you mean they ARE the monsters?

  4. Wow..thanks much! Love my sad sweetpea up there. Your blog is the Best I have seen in forever-thanks!
    I also am a fan of sMacThoughts up there!