Off With Her Head!

When I was a kid my parents had this African head statue that used to scare the bejesus out of me. It chased me all around the house, appeared at the foot of my bed, whispered in my ear and in general terrorized me. Needless to say, it was valuable so my parents wouldn't put it away or get rid of it. When we moved out of the country, it miraculously didn't arrive with everything else. To this day I fear it will knock on my door and find me. I know it's looking.

Doll Head by Mark Elson Pictures; Vintage Head by Vintagesnapsandscraps; Doll in Shadows by DigDownGallery; Retro Doll Head by SimplyPictures; Ostrich Head on Opera Text by Crow Biz;
Broccoli Baby by Boopsiedaisy; Dolls by Candlelight by Barker Photo; Creepy Doll Parts from Midwest Design Imports; Blue and White head by Ah Xian; Baby Head , Girl Head and Pretty Maids by Sandra Evertson; Bird Heads and Lady in Owl Hat by Dear Dodo; Doll parts from Wings of Angels; Photo unknown; Ghost Babies by Floraartstudio; Baby Head Bank by ModernFx; Girl Head by Clayflower22; Little Joseph Heads from Generate; Cat Head Tumbler by Kiki Smith; Vintage Lady head and Vase by Artistic Design Studio; Baby Head Sculpture and Bookends by Cobaltmoonchild; Baby Head S&P shakers by ModernFx; Chihuahua head by KGrandey; "Unseen Beauty" print by ArtbyResolution; "Eyes on the Street" by GoldenSilhouette; Greyhound Whippet head cookie jar by Happy Hound; Victor & His Friends by TheRunnyBunny; Screaming Baby Head by Clayflower22.


  1. How lucky am I? If you wouldn't have picked my doll assemblage, I would have never found your blog. This is RIGHT up my alley. So nice to meet you and thanks ever so much for including my piece in your blog post. I will be back for sure, thanks Gay!!!!

  2. Like Kathy stated, I feel so lucky to have my photography included in your beautiful blog. I'll be checking in often to see your poetic collections!

  3. Merci!
    Very Lovely blog and I already added your fabulous spot here in the blogging world to my creative places list on my blog!
    Thanks again!
    Sandra Evertson

  4. Ha-ha! Don't worry! Most of these beheaded characters are still looking friendly (ok, not all). Show them your post next to last. They could suffer the same fate.

    Thank you for showing my 'Retro' doll! Interesting blog. I will subscribe.

    Molly (SimplyPictures)

  5. Super awesome blog, Gay! I enjoyed it very much, and your story about your childhood is EXACTLY the theme I imagine when creating my work! Thanks so much for including me, and I will be following you regularly! Cheers!