A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!

When I was a kid, living in the Bahamas, I took riding lessons. I had imagined I would get some great, terrifying steed who would race me down the beach and throw me sky-high over a fence. Instead I got Harry, the one-eyed racehorse who had been put out to pasture. No one wanted to kill him, so he became a teacher. In fact, I was the only one who would ride him - everyone else wanted the steed (who was, naturally, skittish and nasty). Harry and I lumbered on the beach and I tried to compensate for his affinity for walking sideways, but neither of us were very good at our roles. So Harry and I would walk side by side, him stepping on my feet, me pulling him out of the water as he continued his rightward journey. The track where he had worked as a youth was called the Hobby Horse Track, which somehow suited him. I think about Harry all the time, knowing he's long gone but maybe still walking sideways.

Wallpaper by Now Voyager; Sculpture by Michael Zavros; Gold pin and antique horseshoe pin and Thoroughbred charm by Show Stable Artisans; Rocking horse by Kensington Rocking Horse Company; Lamp and bedding by Horse Lover Gifts; Cameo by Jamie's Horse Jewelry Store; Pillow and Tea towels by Humble Collection; Embroidery by Porterness; Lampshade by ZEDHED; Pillowcases by Branch Handmade; Table lamp by redsonjadesigns; Horse pillow by OtradaUSA; Cut-out card by RUBYrecycled; Notecards by Paperinstyle; "Godfather" horsehead pillow by Kropserkel; Horse lamp by Moooi; Photo by rumandrubies; Print by MCaplan.


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