Quit buggin' me!

Several years ago a composer friend asked me to write a libretto for his opera, subject my own to choose. I wrote what I still think is the best thing I've ever written, about bugs. Bugs in love, tragically, of course, pinned to walls never to reach each other. The composer laughed and said with disgust "No one wants to hear about bugs! That's disgusting!" Within 3 months, out came "A Bug's Life," "Antz", and several other blockbuster bug-themed things. Hmph! I hold that over his head to this day.

Dead fly art (making its way around web); Insect wrapping paper, Honeycomb trashbin, Insect platter by John Derian; Tumblers, Pitcher, etc. by Laura Zindel; Moth lantern by Ted Muehling at Unica; Cake dish, Vases, Butterfly pulls by Ted Muehling at ER Butler; Pedestal bowl by Rebecca's Art; Animal plates by Pikahue; Flea plate by Nature's Cabinet; Bee dish by zinniadesignstc; Fly mug by montezumamudd; Roach plate by Folded Pigs; Beetle bracelet by Kolos Studio; Dishtowels by rustbeltfiberwerks; Entomologie notecards by Wicked Pen; Skep necklace by mamaslittlebabies; Honeybee t-shirt by Evolution Now; Bee card case by Cosmic Firefly; Diamond Moth pin by chinookhugs; Cricket notebook by BambooVillagePress; Locusts cardigan by ArtLoaf; Insect fabric by ShowPony; Embroidered cushion by RoxyCreations; Butterfly necklace by mamaslittlebabies; Bee ring by dillondesigns; Bugs on Ouija boards by KFCollection; Madame de Pompadour print by downanddirty; Cricket print by sheridesthelion.


  1. What a chirpy, cool collection! Thanks so much for featuring Bamboo Village Press again!

  2. lovely bug collection! thanks for including my bon appetit cockroach plate! -meredith/foldedpigs-

  3. What a great eye you have! I love all of your selections and I'm so pleased you chose a couple of my necklaces to be a part of this collection. xoxo

  4. I blogged about your blog! http://bamboovillagepress.blogspot.com/2009/11/november-special.html