Tiny Things, Big Party!

Oh to be tiny and live in a tiny house and wear tiny petal gowns! To be astonishing but hard to find, transient but enduring, fabulous in every way! This isn't just a little girl fantasy, it's the fantasy of many trying to cope with the miniaturization of their living spaces...all hail to the tiny in all our lives.

Pete Nelson's 3 treehouses by way of NoStars.biz; 3 Tiny Houses by Tumbleweed Tiny House Co.; 3 Tiny Houses by way of TinyHouses.net; Princess play home, Lil Raskals Lookout, Olde Firehouse by Lilliput Play Homes; Marianne Cusato's Katrina Cottage by way of Inhabitat; Gnome door by Nothinbutwood; Fairy Door by Centaur1201; Fairy Homestead by WoodenTreasures; Rabbit Girls and Rabbit Queen by Zeng; Nicole Dextras' Weedrobes; Ballgown, Frock, Tortilla shoe by Rubblearium; Flower Girl by Zeng; Fairy Gown by campcactus; First Birthday dress, Audrey Sofia dress, State of Being dress by KarenSamNorgard; Night Stroll, Spring Flirt by byenner; 3 from Davina Zagury's Land of Lost Toys.


  1. Thanks so much for including my fairy gown in this wonderful collection of tiny things!

  2. This is a nice collection of playhomes and dolls! I can see your inclusion of gown's looks good Cactus!