Gifts: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous!

Time to start shopping! Before you laugh at the animal art, I have a story to tell...I bought 2 monkey paintings for my 9-year-old neice and she shows EVERYONE! Such cute little paw prints and smudges, plus the money you pay goes to the upkeep of the little beasties! So, installment #1 of what you need to buy this year is HERE! Get going!

Titanic Ice Tray, Shoe Butter Dish, Valium Bank, Cupcake Kit, Saw Cake Cutter from Fred Flare; Embroidered Purse from Cambria Cove; Wallflowers, NYC S&P Shakers from Delight; Alexis Clutch by ao3designs; Twig Bowl and Eternity Necklace from Mosaic; Letter Boxes, Shoe Form, Feather Ornaments, Palace Glass, Tumbler, Letter Tray, Urchin Bowls, Shell Mirror, Suzani Pillow, Horn Tray from Jayson Home & Garden; Hollow Half Dollar and Cat Toy from Kiosk; Cup Cosy by Laura Bucci; Flower Ruler by Studio Note; Art by Elephants; Art by Monkeys; Art by Dogs; Art by Apes; Art by Mice; Orrery from Nautilus; Stalin Bust from KidRobot.

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