Glowing Things

There's something about things that glow - a light more gentle and seductive than direct light, more flattering too. It starts with fireflies in the summer, and grows into a fascination that things can actually GLOW rather than assault you in the face. Thus the appreciation of the subtle and mysterious becomes the adult's secret. Astonishing things are being done in the glow-world, as you will see below.

Light-emitting wallpaper by Jonas Samson; Glowing condoms from Condonia; Portable fireplace at Unica Home; Cage Light, French silk screen luminaire by James Plumb; Suicide Fireworks by Cai Guo-Qiang; Harry Allen light by way of No Smarties; Dandelion lights by way of Spotd.it; Baby Wonts light by Le Pelican; Lionfish light, Orchid light by Alex Earl; Moon Rock lights and Trophy light at Generate; Night Igloos by Tse-Tse; Shirt lights by Hector Serrano; Andromeda Light and Mirror from Andromeda Murano; Bouquet light from Bless; "Light Reading" at Generate; Egg-morphing lights from House of Rave; Halo pillowcase from Atypyk; UV tattoo ink from Chameleon Body Art Supply; "Light Sleeper" alarm clock pillowcases and Light reactive window blind and Sound-reactive wallpaper by Loop.ph.

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