A Trip to the Moon

I had a dream last night about a rocket. It had red velvet interiors and swinging waitresses (a la Austin Powers). I looked out the window and we had not left earth's atmosphere yet, so I asked one of the waitresses why. She replied, "We're not going to the moon, doll. We're landing on the head of a pin." Hence today's post!

Rocket pillow by Brokesy; Apollo rocket by Cardboard Safari; Rocket burpcloths by Chloe Tate; Rocket card by Jennopolis; Onesie by Woobyandme; Security blanket by Klarson; Mouse card by DandyLionPress; Retro card case by Jetflair; Felt Rocket pin by FeltFarm; Rocket necklace by Jetflair; Belt buckle by kfarrell; Rocket hat by Heartfelthandworks; Iphone case by Squirrelsnest; Tin toy print by JohnWGolden; Exploration litho by Ambera; Moon print by Timothy Flood; Rocket Girl t-shirt by Urban Laundry; Necklace by jewelsvine; Rocket Earrings and Formation Earrings by fabuluster; Rocket necklace Cravejewelrydesign; Rocket pin by CosmicFirefly; Rocketship pendant by BADASSjewellery; Rocket ring by Karin Jacobson Designs; Glass rockets by Jesse Kelly; Rocket charm by Marty Magic; Necklace by Buy Olympia; Necklace by Pretty Little Thing.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my rocket ship pendant! That's a wonderful collection of items, well done!