I'll Have the Tea and Crumpets

Hand towels...I've had a complicated relationship with them. When parents of my friends would have them they would drive me nuts, falling off the bars, tri-folded and impossible to re-do without wrinkles, and usually of some very uncomfortable fabric. Like the possibilities of the atom, they have come a long way. They are works of art now, affordable and popping with personality. Come around to my way of thinking and wash your hands without fear!

Seahorses by HumbleCollection; Greek Bust by UtilitarianFranchise; Mix tape by Cyanide Stitches; Fruits by AnotherRealm; Birds by HandmadeBySima; Queen Anne's Lace by Lotta Helleberg; Silhouettes by Lucy Robinson; Bargello hand towel by Pomegranate; Chandelier, Retro towels and Rudolph by Vintage Lucy's; Lobsters by artgoodies; Cup of Java by MonkeyBeetle; Brains by girlscantell; Figgy Pudding by MrPs; Squirrel by artgoodies; Foxes by humblecollection; Frida Kahlo by babybeesboutique; Projectors by girlscantell; Cupcakes by artgoodies; Girls by cominguproses; Apples by Amandakindregan; Winter Beverages by NestaHome; Owl by theheated; Pin-up by 12legscuriosities; Stems by paulehewlett; Fish by TheHoneyPress; Kiss by handyjan; Roses by krispybanana.


  1. Great picks!!! I'd love to have ALL of them :)

    Thanks so much for featuring my towels!


  2. What a wonderful collection of towels. Thank you for including mine!