Grin and Bear

Ever since I read "Little Bear" (Maurice Sendak), I have been a bear acolyte. Aside from tigers, I most fantasize about being curled up with a bear, nestled against their stomachs and playing with their little round ears. I would catch salmon with them (and hand them over since I hate fish), and I would sleep all winter with them in a cave in Tibet (no point in saying this would be impossible). Bears have that narcotic effect on me, and I dream and dream of their soft purring fur. I would join Little Bear in wearing a tin foil hat and travel to space, and look down on the world with awe. I highly recommend dreaming of bears.

Polar Bear by Citrus Tree; Can You Hear Me by Heroesandcriminals; Panda with Pipe by BerkleyIllustrations; Bear in Boat by Pamplemousseandbean; Bear on Leaf by TraceFace; Thanksgiving by CreativeThursday; Bear on Carpet by Pamela Klaffke; Chaperone by NaughtyandNice; Fight for the Forest by Studio Lyon; Polar Opposites by Hisss; Doreen by Heather Future; Garden Bear by Cordial Kitten; Bear in Boat by Pamplemousseandbeans; Bear under Tree by Heather Future; Polar Bear by Native Vermont; Homeless Bear and Pumpkin Pie by Amber Alexander; Polar Bear by Feaverish; Embroidery by marysgranddaughter; B is for Bear by Katie Viggers; Bear and Rabbit by Margaret Meyer; Ursa Major by Lisa Chow; Arctic Hare and Polar Bear by Creative Thursday; Be Good Bear by The Black Apple; Seduction by Hidenseek; Dancing Bear by HeatherFuture; Bear Party by Amber Alexander; Polar Bear by Julia Pott; Checkers Game by Marvelousa; Bear Pops by HamburgerPanda; The Encounter by Lamb Candy; Bears with Hives and Sleepwalking Bear by Oh My Cavalier; Bear's Tea Party by MarmeeCraft; Bear and Girl by Hidenseek; Bear on Couch by Amber Alexander; Polar Bear by Berkley Illustration; Masked Figure by TheLittleChickadee.


  1. What a lovely collection of bears. I'm seeing some artists who I've been admiring and discovering some new ones. Thank you for including me!

  2. This is FANTASTIC...Love the bears...thanks for including me!