The Rivers of Lethe

As a coinoisseur of sleep, I know what it means to sleep on impeccably stylish pillowcases. They improve your dreams a hundrefold! Since that is my entire purpose in life, I recommend you put your heads down and see if I'm right.

Venus & David, King & Queen by LoveAddix; Ships , Trucks, Trees and Bi-planes by BranchHandmade; Lady with Hat by Utilitarian Franchise; Jesus by RestintheWord; Compass by RoyalKane; Ducks by BlueSkyClouds; Movie Star by JoanJen; Zodiac by Magic1; Flower branches by KVenturaDesign; Twin Stems and Spirals by Maramiki; Splatter by fufluns; Houses by Ninuska; Custom Silhouettes by Plumageetcetera; Fork & Spoon by CrumbsOnTheSheets; Letter by ElizabethWren; Toy Trains by TheWhimsy; Skeleton Key by Itsastitch; The Prince by Vixter240; Scissors by Sugar & Fig; Tree by TheRusticHome; Butterfly and Initial by mbz28; Little Houses and Botanical Print by PonyBoyPress.


  1. what a lovely post! thanks so much for including my children's custom pillow, my girls had so much fun with their's. always a favorite gift and they loved dragging them on sleepovers there is so much wonderful talent represented here, I want it all !

  2. Such a cool post and collection of pillow cases! I love this...thank you for sharing:) I look forward to reading more.

  3. Nice post. Thanks for including my pillow in such good company. I will look in again soon!