The Mouse Ran Up the Clock

Oh, the weight of time! It ticks and ticks until you go mad. It judges you, mocks you, decays you...so why not have a fabulous clock? They make time less foreboding and noisy. They will, however, continue to make you feel guilty for all you're not doing, unless you make clocks.

Feather clock by Thorsten Van Elten; Catena wall clock , Butterfly clock and Cookoo clock at Unica Home; Crow Clock at Cafe Press; Bouquet clock at Fey Handmade; Floridium clock at W Hotels Store; Bike clock by 1byliz; Honeycomb clock , Ovaltime and Green Bamboo clock by Pilot Design; Harvest Moon clock and Queen of Hearts clock by CyberMoon; Painted record by KayleyHawthorne; Urban Tree clock by PinkBirdDesigns; Coffee can clock and Queen clock by Calmabiding; Bathtub by Deborahscreations; Drive Shaft by All15designs; Horse and Rabbit by DecoyLab; Block by geekinesis; NOLA by artbymags; Keys by CyberMoon; Tobacco Tin by Ticktocklers; Dandelions by Tansyandco; Doorbell by Karen Miller; Tile clock by ShaNYC; ABC by Woodstockclocks; 21 by RecycledTime; Girl Heads by TrixieandRadar; Bear by SmallNest; Lace bird by garbella; Body, Barbie, Toaster, Can Opener, Train Case by IMOTIME.

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