Alas, Poor Yorick!

Some might find animal skulls repulsive or psycho, but I personally feel that they are the most beautiful things around - they are the cups in which our little creatures function, think and dream. They are heartbreakingly lovely because they show what is underneath, what endures, and what will someday be found and greeted with astonishment and wonder long after the beastie is gone.

Warthog skull, Aardwolf skull from Skulls Unlimited; Chicken, Turkey and Emu skulls from The Bone Room; Necklace and Pin by Emilie Morris; Corvidae necklace by Neawear; Raven skull, Raven skull keychain, by MRD74; Trombone Player, Magella Pink (squirrel), Virgin Mary Mink, Oberon Otter by Motil; Ossuary Relic with mouse skull by Nouveau Motley; Bat Skull necklace, Hummingbird skull ring, by Billyblue22; Sculptural piece by way of Something Sublime; Pearl skull charms by Belmacz; Sparrow skull cat collar charm, Gothic raven skull choker, Flock of bird skulls by MRD74; Ground squirrel skull , Mini antler plaque, by MBDixson; Glass bird skull, by Kit Paulson; Pigeon skull by Custom Creature; Porcelain Cetacean skull by Sanspoof; The Reaper by Dolls & Dead Things; Swamp sparrow skull mask by Snegoratchka.
All real skulls obtained legally and humanely!


  1. Gorgeous work! I'm fascinated by skull and bone pieces too.

  2. Oh neet! Love skulls too!! :)
    Thanks a lot for having me be part of your blog! :D