Roman Profile

I had another Roman dream last night...in this one, a man behind a stone Caesar mask said to me, "Men are born immaculate, they are not born clean." Then he set my head on fire, and showed me my face in a mirror - I have to say it was flattering! And it didn't hurt. The smell of cinnamon wafted through a hole in the ceiling, and a mink fell through the opening and wrapped itself around my ankle. Go figure that one out. But Roman beauty is undeniable, and you can never go wrong imitating it, as these artists and costume goofballs will agree.

Apollo bust planter by Statue.com; The Cold Girl, Alexander the Great, Leda and the Swan from Museum Replicas; Paolina by Italartworld.com; Hippocrates fand Caduceus from Ancient Sculpture Gallery; Coin ring, from Worldwide Store; Chess set from Talaria Enterprises; Coin ring, Gold and garnet ring from Ancient Touch; Roman coin bracelet, Serpent ring from Rome Gift Shop; Ceaser costume from Costume Craze; Roman sandals from Zoogster Costumes; Marc Antony from Annie's Costumes; Neoclassical art piece by Urban Accent Home; Corinthian capital from Unpotpourri; Ring by Bronzegirl1; Belt buckle from ChittamDesigns; Baby Roman sandals by Creationsbycathie; Roman Treasure ring by Marajoyce; Ring by Lvoff Studio; Mercury and Venus necklace by Averidesigns; Treasure ring by 360jewels; Diamond earrings and Wave ring by Onestonenewyork; Atia ring by gretchenvoneberstein; Cleopatra doll by UneekDollDesigns; Ave Maria ring by Jennifer Kaufman; Ring by Sevan Bicakci; Roman Warrior ring and Intaglio ring by Sally Dudmesh.


  1. Beautiful Roman collection! What a dream!
    Thak you for including my ring!

  2. Ooo! I loved this collection, so many classical treasures of art! Thank you for the honor of being a part- your blog is lively and well done!

  3. It's a great collection of your Roman dream in here. Thanks so much for posting my Blue topaz pyramid treasure ring. I'm gonna link your website in my gallery www.at 360Jewels.com too :-) Have a great day!