"Ghost, mark me..."

I have a fascination with photos of ectoplasm and ghosts - surely I'm not alone. It's a valid form of artistry to dress ghosts, create ghosts and see ghosts in unusual things. How lovely to be silken in form, puffed away in a breeze, haunting the moon and the little beasts. Adorn yourself in these ghosts, and grip your heart.

Cojoined dolls (sold) and hanging portrait by Kerry Kate; "Nightmare" tutu by Tiarastutus; Photo by Ambientstills; Doll by CreepyDolls; Necklace by Museum of Sleep; Ghost pumpkin by Janice Cordeiro; Ghost pumpkin by AppleHillDolls; Ghost minks at Kunstkammer; Ghost photos via Necropolis Now; Ghost on stairs by way of Elastral; 6 Vintage spirit photos on Flickr; Choker, and capelet by Raven Eve; Tempest necklace, Fortune Teller, Butterfly, Valhalla by Ghost & Lola; Photo by zuppaartista; Contemplating Ghosts print by ForestHills; Photo by JacqleenBleu; Ghost Bed by Rachelgertrude; Haunted House by DivineImages; Willows by JMulcahy.


  1. thanks for including my necklace

    _Museum of Sleep

  2. Beautiful and inspired blog, pleased to be part of it.