Rome is Sinking!

Last night I had a dream about Lucius Vorenus, the Centaurion. Don't ask me why. There was a great flood and two large sharks washed up on shore and then he held my hand and said, "Get on this boat," which was a sinking Viking ship. Then he kissed me and said he preferred brown eyes to blue. Oh well. Hence today's sea theme, and the dreamy objects below.

Diadem by Gypsy Moon; Tray and tea set by Esther Coombs; Seashell box by LaPetiteAbeilleRuche; Decals by Vinyl Fruit; Octopus decal and Puffer Fish by Heckfire; Pillowcase by RoyalKane; Pirate ship by dedodododedadada; Shell by Emily Wootton; Scrimshaw box from Linda Laydon; Tea Towels by Beaucoup Bandit; Pillowcase by RoyalKane; Wall decals by Elephannie; Fish knob and Shell knob by Monkeyshines; Octopus pillow by Mojoware; Whale Decal by Monkeythreads; Polkadot crayfish by classicc11; Venus showercurtain and Winged Mermaid showercurtain by Custom Shower Curtains; Shark pillowcase by RoyalKane; Seahorse tumblers by OfMineDesign; Sea Siren print by Tropical Cottage; Sea Prayer Flags by Flederhaus; Manta Ray fan pull by Famous Fan Pulls; Placemats by YuliaKazansky; Sea star sachet by Dear Harbor; Pillowcase by RoyalKane; Drawstring bag by Three by Sea; Apron by Karen Has Cabin Fever; Tea towels by Three by Sea; Coin necklace by Petsalad; Urchin and Squid bracelets by Emily Amey.


  1. Great dream and beatiful collection here! Thank you for including my placemats in it!

  2. I am so glad to be introduced to your dreamy blog. Thank you for including my tea box.