Let Me Stroke Your Porcelain Arm...

I'm back on my porcelain kick again - it is such a lovely material and summons its own poetry from its depths so you are left thinking of it like skin, almost romantic. Here are some of the most whimsical items I could find.

Porcelain leg, Baby arm by Melissa Crotty; Porcelain nuts by KGrandey; Teal bird bowl by Prince Design UK; Embroidery with arm by Mary's Granddaughter; Helping Hands sculpture by Poodlebreath; Doll arm by Suzeeez; Doll arm necklace by Gypsy Carriage; Lost at Sea necklace by Seaglass Things; Dish by Dishfuls of Doodles; Rabbit brooch by Poodlebreath; Salt plates and Cameo cups by Louche Lab; Cup by Heartlayla; Atomic pot and Bubble Tea Set by Clay Lab Detroit; White/blue cups by New Moon Studio; Mouse mug by Laura Walls Taylor; Necklace by Round Rabbit; Deer cup by Miekongo; Fungi tile by Element Clay Studio; Bears in Love by KGrandey; Milk Bottle by Alyssa Ettinger; Vase by New Moon Studio; Firewater jug by Pickled Porcelain; Octocup by Fort; Thousand Petal vase and Lotus vase by White Earth Studio; Calla vase by New Moon Studio; Magnolia tile and Scallop bowl by Element Clay Studio; Anomaly bowl by Jonthan Castro Designs.


  1. Smiles to you ! Thank you so much for including my dolly arm with all of these other great treasures! Have a great day.
    :o) Sue

  2. What an excellent grouping of porcelain loveliness! Thanks so much for including my necklace! :)

  3. Wow - very cool post and love all the different items you found! Thank you so much for including my Lost At Sea doll arm necklace!!! All my best!
    Marla :0)

  4. the bears in the bell jar are amazing! & so is the lovely lovely melissa crotty!!!!

  5. This is beautiful! Thanks so much for including me. I really like your blog, you made my dishes look really good! thanks so much! Going to spread the news on facebook now...)